Disney Channel’s AI is Better Than Yours

One of my favorite movies growing up was Disney Channel’s Smart House. Pat, the Smart House AI, could play the best music, make you a better dancer, and even kick out the bully when he started causing trouble at the party she organized for the kids without them even asking!

Today’s voice activated “assistants” like Siri, Cortana, and Alexa have been on the market for years now, but still seem to fall short of capturing the imagination like the voice-activated assistants inhabiting cultural masterpieces like Smart House and 2001: A Space Odyssey. Serving more as voice-controlled UI translators, today’s assistants match trigger words and phrases to fairly specific actions. Sometimes machine learning helps make these queries more flexible, but in the end we’re still asking a device to complete an action.


Daily UI #003

Over the past week I’ve started taking part in the Daily UI design challenge to showcase and improve on my design skills contained in the rest of my portfolio. Day 3 was a particularly fun challenge as it opened up the prompt to any landing page. I’ve never designed with video before, so I wanted to experiment with scenic imagery showcasing an elegant experience. I landed on the concept of creating a website for a helicopter tour company, mostly so I could use this beautiful footage.


Moving to San Francisco

I’ve lived in Boston almost my entire life. I was born in the city, went to public school in my hometown and then studied at Tufts University in Medford/Somerville, only 15 miles from home (perfectly in line with data from the NYTimes).

I’d entertained the thought of moving away to live somewhere new, but it’s never been a major priority. During college I struggled with this feeling of loving my home and my city, but also wondering if maybe I was missing out by not being somewhere new. Objectively Boston is a great place, a city where thousands of people come to study, many of whom stay after graduating. But there was always a question hanging in the air – is it really this great or is it just because it’s what I know?


The Speech UI Revolution

With Apple’s launch of the iPhone 4S last month, the paradigm of human-computer interaction saw what will become the largest shift since the original iPhone brought capacitive touch screens to the masses. In a single decade we have gone from typing on a set of static keys on a phone, to interacting with an adaptive … 


Interview with Tufts Gordon Institute

This past summer the Gordon Institute at Tufts sponsored my internship with 1Minute40Seconds, a startup founded by alum Blade Kotelly and based in Cambridge. Three of the recipients were interviewed to highlight their experiences. For me, working at a startup, applying the skills I’ve acquired throughout my life, and embedding myself in the entrepreneurial scene … 



Most places won’t serve this to you for a few very good reasons,” Will said to me as he delicately placed a raw egg yolk into a small shooter glass on the bar before me, sliding it along a spoon into the awaiting layered liqueurs. As instructed, I sipped on the egg whites and bitters … 


All About the Pitch

This week I’m starting a new category called “Lesson Learned” to catalogue some of the important and probably obvious lessons I’ve learned recently and throughout my life. While I hope that some people might benefit from these posts, their true intent is to create a mental backup for me in case I forget them! Back …