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A human factors engineer by training, I’ve spent the past few years as a UX and product designer, creating elegant experiences across robotics, healthcare, and home security.

I've worked with


where I’m currently helping design robots and the systems that support them to safely and delightfully coexist with humans.


to establish the role of user experience in product and engineering and helped launch the new home security camera and mobile app.


to bring design thinking and simplicity to the complex world of enterprise healthcare software. I spent much of my time at athena designing new workflows for athenaCollector, a Best in KLAS practice management solution.

Most of my product work is under NDA,
so in the meantime please check out some of my shots from dribbble

More about me

I'm a Boston native who recently moved out to the Bay Area with my fiancée. I discovered the field of engineering psychology (aka human factors) while at Tufts and fell in love with it immediately. I'm fascinated by human cognition and behavior and love working in a field where I can put our understanding of the mind to positive use.

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I love talking anything design and technology related. Feel free to connect with me on social media or by sending me an email at vaughan.wm@gmail.com

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