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Will Vaughan

Product Design

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Human Robot Interaction

A human factors engineer by training, I’ve spent the past few years as a UX and product designer, creating elegant experiences across robotics, healthcare, and home security.

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I discovered the field of engineering psychology (aka human factors) while studying at Tufts and fell in love with it immediately. I'm fascinated by human behavior and cognition and love working in a field where I can put our understanding of the mind to positive use, especially in complex problems and environments.

Feel free to connect with me on social media or by sending me an email at vaughan.wm@gmail.com

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I love traveling and taking photos along the way. Since moving to the Bay Area my wife and I have spent a number of weekends exploring California state and national parks. I've also become a casual climber and am often seen falling at Planet Granite. At home I love to read and learn new things like baking bread and improving my front end knowledge with Treehouse.

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